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The AHPBA 2019 Annual Meeting
Call for Abstracts is Now Open!

Deadline: Monday, October 8, 2018 at 11:59pm ET

After you select "Submit an Abstract" you will then need to create an account. This will allow you to save and return to your incomplete submission before you submit.

The presenter and principal contact will receive an auto-generated confirmation email, when the submission is submitted/finalized. If you need to make any changes after you submit/finalize, please email support@knowledgeconnex.com.


  • Principal Contact & Presenter Information (name, address, phone number and email address)
  • List of Authors
  • Abstract body (625* Words Maximum) - Background ≤ 100 words; Methods ≤ 125 words; Results ≤ 275 words; Conclusion ≤ 125 words.  (* = Bonus word count has been added. New word coutn maximum is 625)
  • Only 1 Graph/Photo/Table is permitted
  • 2 Self-Assessment Questions


Note: While we suggest all manuscripts pertaining to the competitive abstracts for the AHPBA annual meeting are submitted to the journal HPB, it is no longer a requirement.

ORAL | Oral presentations (8-10 minutes depending on the session) are the highest level of podium presentation achievement. If your abstract is not selected as an Oral presentation, it will automatically be considered for a Short Oral (5-minute podium talk/discussion with slides) or ePoster presentation (shorter presentation in front of an ePoster monitor).

VIDEO | Video submissions must not exceed 8 minutes in length, sound is optional and the file must be submitted as a MP4 or MOV format. As part of the video submission process, a written abstract must be submitted.

CASE REPORT/ePOSTER | Case Report/ePoster submissions will be considered for a Short Oral or ePoster presentation.

ADVANCED PRACTICE PROVIDER (NEW!) | AHPBA is soliciting abstracts from Advanced Practice Providers to be considered for podium presentation during the APP Symposium at the AHPBA 2019 Annual Meeting. 


  • At the first mention of a drug, the nonproprietary generic name in lower case is required followed by the proprietary name capitalized and in parentheses, e.g. furosemide (Lasix)
  • Please use Brisbane 2000 terminology to describe liver resection and anatomy. Click here to view terminology descriptions and informational graphic
  • For survival analyses, include the median follow-up interval for the cohort. Comparing long-term outcomes beyond the median follow-up time point is discouraged.


Any abstract/data that has been presented at a National or International English language meeting or published in an English language journal prior to the annual AHPBA meeting and is presented at the annual AHPBA meeting will be considered a duplicate presentation or publication, which is impermissible. The penalty for duplicate English language submission is that both the submitter and the senior author will be barred from submitting abstracts/data to the AHPBA for 2 years, and the department chair of the submitting and senior authors will be notified by letter.

Exceptions to this policy include: 1) IHPBA submissions. Investigators are allowed to submit to both the IHPBA and the AHPBA within the same calendar year. 2) Presentations at the local, state, or regional level at meetings that do not publish in English language journals are exempt. Presentations in languages other than English are exempt.


If you need to make changes to your abstract after you submit/finalize, or if you need technical assistance, please email support@knowledgeconnex.com.

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